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Coke Adds Financial Stability

Once the Coca Cola advertising slogan was “Coke Adds Life.” For those looking for long term stability Coca Cola adds stability, dividends and profits. First of all, Coke gives a dividend of 3% per year which is certainly better than the current 2% for ten year treasury bonds. Also, the price of Coke stock has been rising over the last 5 years, even though it was brought down temporarily by the market drop in 2009 when it dropped to $40. Since then it has risen to $68 even with the recent market volatility.

Indeed, Coca Cola is a giant company which operates worldwide. Now they are planning to invest $3 billion into the Russian market and $4 billion into the Chinese market. Because the company is so big, I believe that the risk of investing in this company is limited. People have been drinking cola for a hundred years and will continue. Also, we see that the management has the skills to remain profitable. One of Coca Cola’s former executives, Segun Ogunsanya, started as an accountant in Ghana and was developed by the company until he become the manager of the whole area. He recently left the company to become the CEO of an African beverage manufacturer. It just shows that these large companies know how to develop management to ensure their success.

Their 50-day moving average is 68.34 and their 200-day moving average is 67.62. The stock is trading at 68.19 which is good for a down market. The companies trailing P/E is 12.54 which shows that the company is reasonably priced in relation to its earnings.

All stocks should be thoroughly analyzed before being purchased and should not be purchased on hearsay.