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Experts Gathering in Geneva for Shipping and Finance Conference

Sophocles N. ZoullasThe First Annual Marine Money Geneva Forum is a not-to-miss conference bringing together the shipping industry’s key experts to speak on the interface of international shipping and finance.

Included among the expert presenters are Sophocles N. Zoullas, CEO and Chairman of Eagle Bulk Shipping; John Su, CEO of Erasmus Shipinvest; and Minas Sorotos, CEO of Miralco Resources AG; all of whom are speaking on the subject of trading houses and shipping.

As a part of the panel Sophocles Zoullas will discuss recent news and developments on trading houses and shipping. Mr. Zoullas will also talk about trends for the future of chartering and hedging strategies.

Other issues that will be dealt with during the forum are:

•    Assessing Market Prospects and Risks with Dr. Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft Inc.
•    Commodity and Trade Finance: a panel discussion which will focus on traders that finance other traders; the effect of Basel II; and shadow banking and regulation
•    The Perils of Being a Shipowner with Michael Stockwell, Commercial Manager at Titan Salvage LLC

This is only a small sampling of what attendees will be exposed to in terms of content and expertise. Marine Money International organizes the shipping industry’s most respected and well-attended conferences and forums throughout the world. Whether it is Oslo, Singapore, or Athens, Marine Money International chooses the locations so that “where ship owning and the formation of capital for shipping is taking place, our forums provide the best educational and networking opportunities available in the industry.”

The First Annual Forum is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 27, 2013, at The President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, from 8:30am until 16:25 when the closing remarks will take place.

Focus on Companies: Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.

Headquartered in New York City, Eagle Bulk Shipping is the largest owner of Handymax dry bulk vessels in the United States.  Third quarter results for revenue were recently announced, prompting the following comment from the chairman and CEO Sophocles Zoullas:

“The dry bulk market remains in a cyclical trough characterized by supply growth and an inconsistent demand profile. While this environment continues to weigh on our financial results, Eagle Bulk’s young and agile fleet of Supramax vessels and dynamic chartering strategy should enhance our competitiveness when the market improves.”

The management team at Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. has an average of 20 years of experience in the Handymax market.  The company’s fleet of dry bulk vessels is comprised mostly of the Supramax type of carrier, which is a vessel perfectly suited for ports with both length and draught restrictions or ports which have a dearth of transshipment infrastructure, therefore making them more versatile for shipping to a wide range and large number of ports worldwide.