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Business Teachers Kate and William?



Learn Marketing From Upcoming Royal Wedding 

For sure the royals know how to get publicity.  So maybe business and marketing gurus can take a lesson or two from Prince William and his royal-wife-to-be’s upcoming wedding. There are certainly going to be tons of celebrations to mark the upcoming April 29th wedding, set to attract “a worldwide TV audience of 1 billion, while royalty enthusiasts pump a whopping US$!-billion into the UK economy.”  But is there anything in particular that regular marketers can learn from the exciting event?

Big-Time Sales and Tricks

There have definitely been some notable marketing sales for the wedding, and even the engagement, which reached a staggering estimated cost of $19.5-29 million and the wedding stuff up to $42 million.  Further, approximately $351 is estimated for travel and tourism.

There has of course been a Kate Middleton engagement ring replica (that’s perhaps not surprising) but is there anything that IS a surprise and what does it teach those who want to glean marketing lessons from this?  Apparently quire a few.  First, be a class act; royal aprons, tea-towels and t-shirts have been banned (seen as “not in good taste”) in favor of mugs, plates and commemorative coins which are way less tacky.

Focus on the individual approach:  today, marketers need to focus specifically on each customer to ensure that they feel special and unique.  For example, some restaurants are not establishing “special events, from themed menus and free cake to special decorations and big screen TV coverage,” with Dunkin Donuts having added the ‘Royal Wedding Donut’ to its delicious donut choices.

Ensure your social media is in top shape.  Schwepps jumped on the bandwagon with the creation of a “wedding card for people to sign on Facebook – in addition to its selection of limited edition wedding bottles.”  Be charitable.  William and Kate have set up a charity gift website so that their guests are easily able to donate to their selected charities.  Clearly the royals aren’t exactly going to require a new set of towels or contributions to a bedroom suite.  Look beyond your goal.  There will no doubt be continued hype on April 30th and beyond and that is what marketers have to ensure as well, guarding against an anti-climax.

So while it may just look like a lot of silly hype, the upcoming royal wedding might really be able to provide some great lessons for those looking to step up their marketing efforts.