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Ross Stores Offer Amazing Clothing Prices And Amazing Stock Performance.

Ross Stores, Inc. operates apparel and home accessories retail stores which offer 20-60 percent discounts off other stores’ ordinary prices. Ross stores have two chains: the first is Ross Dress for Less and the second is dds Discounts. Ross operates 1055 stores in 27 states and in Guam. Ross Dress for less caters to middle income families and dds Discounts caters more to moderate income families.

Ross buys benefits from the over supplies in the ordinary retail channels and buys quality clothing, footwear and accessories at discount prices. The recessionary economy could lead to an oversupply of inventory in regular stores and a larger quantity of merchandise and better discounts for Ross.

Ross’s stock price has risen over the last two years from $40 to $80 per share. The stock has risen relatively steadily without tremendous ups and downs along the way. Of course, part of the reason that this company succeeding so well is due to the country’s economic problems. More people need better bargains on regular staples. Ross stores supplies the goods.

One of the management staff is Lisa Panattoni, Executive VP of Merchandising which is one of the most important functions of the company. Mark LeHocky is the General Counsel and the Corporate Secretary. In addition to legal counsel for Ross, he was previously the General Counsel for Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Inc. Prior to that he was a principle in the law partnership of Freeland Cooper LeHocky & Hamburg.