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Randall Mays : Helping Others with the Bridge Builders Collaborative

We all know that there is strength in numbers. But what does that actually mean in practice? It’s not always easy for people to find that strength or to figure out where there are like-minded individuals who want to join together. Fortunately, Randall Mays has found that strength in numbers with the Bridge Builders Collaborative. The Bridge Builders Collaborative (BBC) is an investment group that funds companies creating mindfulness and mind-training solutions through technology. They are revolutionizing the idea of giving through traditional philanthropic means and are, instead, showing the importance of creating a collective partnership to invest in the future.

The Bridge Builders Collaborative, founded in 2012 by three investors, has already achieved great success. They have created an impact and sound return on investment. Now, they strive to be a collaboration for deeper shifts in humanity from mindfulness to behavior change, from awareness to integration and from looking at symptoms to pinpointing root causes. With the powerful belief as a collective that inner wellbeing is a bridge to social wellbeing, the Collaborative sees its role as not just capital investors, but as a group that can inspire conscious entrepreneurs to join them.

Randall Mays brings years of business acumen and philanthropic vision to the Bridge Builders Collaborative. He is a US businessman, investor and philanthropist and is the CEO of Running M Capital and Co-Managing Partner of Mays Family Enterprises. He dedicates himself to many philanthropic causes and sits on the boards of Live Nation Entertainment, the BuildGroup Technology Fund, Digital Defense, Spinal Stabilization Technologies, the Mind Science Foundation and the Mays Family Foundation.

As part of the Bridge Builders Collaborative, he can direct his energies and resources towards causes that align with his passions. As an active investor in Bridge Builders, Mays is working with the collaborative to put its combined capital and its energy to re-envision a more productive, healthier and happier future for millions of people. Five main considerations guide the investment strategy. They look for the positive impact for humanity their investment will offer; they strive to understand the scientific validation for the product; they look for collaboration with the leaders; they provide growth capital, often through Series A funding and tend to follow through with several rounds; and they look for opportunities to create a meaningful return on their investment.

While the list of funded investments is always growing and changing, the platform is designed to advance the ideas and concepts of social entrepreneurs who have scalable business models in the field of mindfulness. Their numbers to date are staggering and their impact assured. So far, they have invested in 15 companies with an average of 1.25 new deals each year. Five of the BBC companies have achieved $100 million valuations and three have achieved $300 million. The Bridge Builders includes a combined 100 years of contemplative practice and over 120 years of investment experience.

The future is brighter with the vision offered by the BBC. With their connections, credibility, collaboration and investment ability, they are pushing the bounds of wellness and allowing entrepreneurs to envision and design an impactful, healthier and happier future than the one we have today.