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Qualcomm Sells Communication Licenses To AT&T

Qualcomm Inc. (Qcom) has received permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to sell its Lower 700 MHz D and E Block (Channels 55 and 56) unpaired spectrum licenses to AT&T. In return, Qualcomm will receive $1.925 billion. This deal will effectively enable AT&T to reach another 28 million customers. It will also help AT&T to develop their long term 4G network plans.

Qualcomm Inc. designs, develops, produces, and sells digital communications services and products. The company has four major divisions. Among many other services the Qualcom provides communication services to the United States Government. It also provides 2-way terrestrial based and satellite based location reporting services for logistics and transportation companies. The company holds many licenses for technology. It often rents the technology under these licenses. It is some of these licenses that AT&T purchased for the 1.925 billion dollars.

Some of the Qualcomm managers are Dr. Craig H. Barratt, Rob Chandhok, Matt Grob, Rich Sulpizio, Norm Fjeldheim, Kimberly M. Koro, William F. Davidson Jr., and Margaret L. “Peggy” Johnson

Disclaimer: The information in this article is insufficient to base investment decisions on. All decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the investment.