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Suven Granted US and NZ Patents for Neurologic Drugs

Suven Life Sciences, a Hyderabad-based drug company, announced that it has received patents from the United States and New Zealand patent offices.

The valuable patents are for what are referred to as “new chemical entities” (NCEs) which they developed for the treatment of cognitive impairment which is associated with illnesses of the nervous system, specifically neuro-degenerative disorders.

The patents will be in effect until 2030 for one and 2031 for the other.

“We are very pleased by the grant of these patents to Suven for our pipeline of molecules in CNS arena that are being developed for cognitive disorders with high unmet medical need with huge market potential globally,”said Venkat Jasti, CEO of Suven.

These newly granted patents bring the total patents Suven has secured up to 20 from the US and 23 from New Zealand.

“These granted patents are exclusive intellectual property of Suven and are achieved through the internal discovery research efforts. Products out of these inventions may be out-licensed at various phases of clinical development like at Phase-I or Phase-II,” Suven said.

Regulators Keeping Keen Eye on Google as they Purchase Motorola Mobility

Droid 4 by Motorola

Google, the web-search giant, will be carefully scrutinized by US and European regulators as their bid to purchase Motorola Mobility is approved, giving Google possession of 17,000 patents and an additional 7,500 patent applications.

The purchase price for Motorola was a cool $12.5 billion, paving the way for Google to continue to compete with its market rivals such as Apple Inc and also defend itself and other Android manufacturers in patent lawsuits.

Regulators have said they will carefully monitor Google to ensure that all patents that are crucial to the telecommunications industry would be licensed at fair prices. European antitrust authorities as well as the US Department of Justice said they will watch how the patents are used to make sure that they comply with antitrust laws.

The regulators are concerned that the patents, which are critical in making sure that the large number of communications devices on the market, which are sold by many different companies, will be compatible with each other and are licensed for a reasonable fee.

“The (Justice Department’s antitrust) division will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action to stop any anticompetitive use of SEP (standard essential patent) rights,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

The deal with Motorola gives to Google one of the largest patent libraries in the mobile phone industry. Also included in the deal are Motorola’s manufacturing operations which will give Google the ability to create its own line of smart phones.