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Paper Magazine, Tom Florio & Pop Culture

The latest issue of Paper Magazine covers topics ranging from Billie Eilish and Kelsy Karter to Chrissy Teigen’s opinion of Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry videos. There is something for everyone here at the popular magazine owned by ENTtech Media Group LLC co-founder Tom Florio.

Paper Magazine was founded in 1984 by Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits and became the go-to location to learn about pop culture and fashion. In 2017, they sold the company to ENTtech Media Group with Tom Florio and Drew Elliot. As Tom Florio said at the time, “I like Paper because of [its] cultural legitimacy… the reference points [come] from people who understand pop culture, who understand art, who understand music, who understand food, and it’s not just algorithmically based content.”

One of the recent pieces covered by Paper Magazine includes an announcement that Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are launching a clothing line under the Abercrombie & Fitch portfolio. It will be sold only at Hollister and will be sold with the Social Tourist name. Look for Social Tourist around May 20, which will include gender inclusive items and the trendiest of pieces. New products will continue to drop monthly.

Another announcement includes that Stacey Abrams, along with her political might, is apparently the author of some romance novels. She has written three such novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery and they will be reissued next month by Penguin Random House imprint, Berkley. The books were first published about twenty years ago and focus on a spy agency.

And, of course, turning to the fashion world, which Paper Magazine and Tom Florio do best, there is a featured article about thrifting. As the article points out, second hand clothes have become all the rage. The author points out, however, that being thrifty has become a buzz word and that not everyone is actually being thrifty with their clothing when they talk about the idea. Certainly, thrifting is a great idea and one that, hopefully, will be here to stay.