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Neil R Cole Introduced A New Online Shopping Experience

Neil Cole, the award-winning branding pioneer, founder of the Iconix Brand Group changed the way people shop online when he founded Next Retail Concepts, where shoppers experienced an immersive experience online – and could actually feel like they are in the store. We’ve all shopped online – virtually the entire world understands how online shopping works and has probably had some experience doing so during the last two years with the COVID-19 pandemic. What not everyone has been able to enjoy, however, until recently is the immersive experience of feeling like you’re in the store and actively shopping while online.

As Neil R Cole explains, “Our proprietary technology transforms the traditional eCommerce landscape within our innovative platform to create exciting and engaging immersive shoppable experiences that tell a brand story. This is a dynamic new way to shop.”

Dynamic, indeed. Launching the platform originally with Fred Segal and Mastercard, the shopping experience premiered at 29Rooms in Los Angeles and enabled shoppers to browse the physical store at Fred Segal with features that are similar to Google’s Street View. A shopper uses her mouse to virtually enter the store and to navigate throughout the physical space to products that interest her. She can then click on those products for more details and, at times, even see a 360 degree view of the item.

Explaining how unique Next Retail Concepts is, Neil Cole said, “This experience engages the user on a deeper level and tells a better brand story. It’s like a virtual pop-up that you get to navigate yourself through to create a unique, personalized journey.”

The future of shopping has arrived – and it’s certainly looking exciting!