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T-Mobile’s Legere Makes Predictions for Coming Year

T-Mobile’s John Legere at the T-Mobile Press Conference, CES 2014, Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of fanaticTRX.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, related in a blog post how he sees the future of his company as well as some other issues. Stating that “by far the fastest area of growth for us,” is T-Mobile’s increase in business customers. He predicted that the number of businesses switching to T-Mobile will grow even faster than the current doubling of small to mid-size businesses already being served by T-Mobile.

Legere explained why businesses are beginning to prefer T-Mobile for their wireless services.

“American businesses are fed up with backroom deals, overages and overcharging from AT&T and Verizon,” he said. “So it should come as no surprise that businesses of all sizes are flocking—and will continue to flock—to the Un-carrier.”

Other predictions were mostly bragging about T-Mobile’s consumer base and its growth. He also touched on improvements in his company’s LTE coverage. He also stated that T-Mobile will “walk away a winner” in the lowband spectrum auctions coming to the Federal Communications Commission in 2016.

Legere also predicted/threatened that he plans on getting into Twitter battles with presidential candidates. This was a reference to a November incident in which Legere jousted with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump after Trump tweeted that he uses T-Mobile and “it’s pathetic, dropped calls, no service.”