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Learning Corporate Tips from College Alumni

For those going out into the business world for the first time, getting tips from those who have already made it is a good way to start. Businessmen who have graduated and made it in the business world can enlighten students on how to avoid real-world pitfalls.

One example of this was the recent Alumni Meet which took place at MIET – the Model Institute of Engineering and Technology. At this event more than 75 alumni from all multi-national business industries participated. In addition, some alumni received one of the ‘Distinguished Alumni Awards’ as a recognition of how they have “set benchmarks in professional achievement.”

James Donovan, Goldman Sachs Managing Director and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, has similarly been involved in using his alumnus status to impart wisdom on the management and cultivation of client relationships.

“Covering clients is a learned skill. It is not an innate skill,” he recently pointed out in a lecture he gave at the Virginia School of Law. He said that it is not something that people are born with; it is something that can be learned…. “if you are willing to learn them.” The way you do this, Donovan suggested to those studying at the institution, is to “find somebody at the firm you work…find someone who’s really good at bringing in business, at covering clients, and learn as much as you can from that person. Be an open book, put your ego aside.”

Another helpful way for alumni to get ahead in the business world is by alumni networking.  This was what Princeton University did last month, inviting Asian and Asian American alumni from around the world gathered to “celebrate their significance to the Princeton community.” The ‘We Flourish’ conference did more than that. Over 700 alumni gathered together to network, hear lectures and engage in discussions at the conference that was organized by the Office of the Alumni Affairs and the Association of Asian American Alumni of Princeton. One particularly notable discussion took place between the Chairman of Hopewell Holdings Ltd., Sir Gordon Wu, and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and author, Sheryl WuDunn, about business philosophy, philanthropy and their days at Princeton.

For those who have just graduated – and even others who are making their way in the business world and would like to hear from those who have already made it – alumni gatherings are not only helpful, but are also often extremely enjoyable as these three examples above indicate.

The Forces Behind Sherpa

A new venture has been established by two businessmen from Silicon Valley.  Sherpa – a start-up foundry – is aiming to create a new model of how start-ups are developed.  To do this it will use a vast array of different strategic corporate partnerships and will work with successful entrepreneurs. Sherpa’s founding members are Scott Stanford, Goldman Sachs and Shervin Pishevar, Menlo Ventures.

Scott Stanford is bringing to Sherpa his expertise in assisting in high-profile deals.  In his role of Managing Director at Goldman Sachs – where he spent more than a decade – he led web investment banking businesses from San Francisco, which can also be useful in his new venture.

In his finance career, Shervin Pishevar has earned a reputation as a top angel investor and venture partner. Even though he is leaving Menlo Ventures, he will stay connected to the firm in the capacity of venture advisor.  As Managing Director of Menlo Ventures Shawn Carolan explained, “this was a unique opportunity to let [Pishevar] pursue a passion at the formative stage while still have him active in the firm for companies further along.”

Indeed, it was Pishevar who helped in the launch of the Menlo Talent Fund, $20M seed fund putting money into innovative early stage deals within a 24 to 72 hour timeframe.  Prior to joining Menlo Ventures, Pishevar gained experience in consumer technology investments in gaming, mobile and social web industries.  This can be seen in his creation of Webs.com and Social Gaming Network.

Seventy New Partners Named at Goldman Sachs

Among the seventy newly named partners at the global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs Group are three senior professionals, Huw Pill, Michael Siegel, and Scott Lebovitz. Goldman Sachs named the new partners on November 14, 2012, recognizing and acknowledging their leadership and contribution to the company’s high standard of excellence.

Huw Pill is chief European economist at Goldman and helps with the company’s global investment research. Pill is based in Goldman’s London office and is a co-head of the European economics team. He is also on the Goldman macro research operating committee.

Michael Siegel runs the global insurance asset management business which is part of the Goldman Sachs Asset Management division.  Insurance companies turn to this division when they wish to outsource the management of their accounting and balance sheets including alternative and traditional asset types.

Scott Lebovitz, Goldman member of the merchant banking division, works in the principal investment area. Lebovitz joined the bank in 1997, and now serves on the board of the Dallas-based Energy Future Holdings.

Goldman Sachs, the fifth largest US bank according to assets, has been promoting employees to partners for the past 130 years, since the company was founded. It is a tradition begun when the firm was a private entity, and continued even after Goldman went public in 1999. Becoming a partner at Goldman designates an employee among the elite, with alumni including two former US Treasury secretaries and the head of the European Central Bank.

“Other than billionaire, partner at Goldman Sachs is probably the most coveted status on Wall Street,” said Gregory Cresci, an executive recruiter at Odyssey Search Partners in New York. “It commands respect.”