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McGraw Hill Goes To China

The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (MHP) provides information services for educational, business and financial markets internationally.  It is a huge company which was founded in 1888 and has expanded over time.
The company has just signed a joint venture deal with New Oriental Education & Technology Group (EDU) to provide educational services in China. The two companies will teach technology and work skills to bring China’s children and youth up to 21st century capabilities. Both of these companies are international leaders in education services. The companies will operate “MaxEn Centers” to educate children from ages 4 to 15.

The company will help children with creative thinking, English, technological, and collaboration and team-building skills which are vital for academic and professional success.

Robert Bahash, the president of the Educational division of McGraw Hill said, “Businesses worldwide are rapidly adopting new technologies and moving at a pace that is bypassing traditional educational resources.” “Through our partnership with New Oriental, we will develop the tools and programs that provide students with the skills that are vital to their professional and even personal success. It will help them become life-long learners in a learning-centric world.”

Main managers at McGraw Hill are: Julie Romandetta, Alicia Hartjen, Michael Parcewski, Paul Konstadt, Robert J. Bahash, Gerald Pothier, Ehrick Wright and Larry McQuaid.