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Brits Turn to Energy-Saving Alternatives as Fuel Prices Continue to Skyrocket

As recent predictions showed that energy bills in England would rise 80% by the end of October, Brits have been thinking outside the box for warm food and heating.

According to GfK’s market research, sales of certain electrical appliances have soared. People have been on the hunt for energy-saving tactics and products to avoid a major increase in their utility bill. The sale of hot air fryers was up 286% last month as compared to September last year, as the portable devices heat up faster and consume significantly less energy than conventional ovens.  In a similar vein, pressure cookers and slow cookers rose 79% compared to last year. As reported by Uswitch.com, these small kitchen machines cost about half of what an electrical oven costs to run – while an average slow cooker costs 13 cents per hour of use, a conventional oven costs 24 cents.

In addition to scrounging to save on cooking techniques, British citizens are thinking of alternative methods to keep warm as winter approaches. Sales of electric blankets have jumped 216% since last September.

As the average yearly household energy bill in England rose 96% percent since last October, the government has stepped in and put a cap on electricity and gas costs for the coming two years. Later, however, new finance minister Jeremy Hunt announced that the cap would be relevant until April only for most households.

When the climbing fuel prices will stabilize is truly up in the air. In the meantime, savvy British residents are managing to do the necessary calculations and adjust their standard of living accordingly