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Herbalife Is Also Financial Life

We’ve all heard of the Herbalife (HLF) and may have even considered selling Herbalife products. It is obviously a large company but in examining the figures it is amazing. The company sells personal care and nutrition products throughout the world. They have 1.9 million distributors around the world. Their net income after taxes from the second quarter was over $111 million dollars and their net income has risen steadily over the last four quarters.

Their stock has also been steadily rising over the last two years and paying a dividend every quarter. Due to the increasing quarterly income it looks like this company’s stock should continue to go up.

The management team includes: Michael O. Johnson, Chairman and CEO; Brett R. Chapman, General Counsel; Des Walsh, President; Richard P. Goudis, COO; John DeSimone, CFO; and Y. Steve Henig, Ph.D., CSO (Chief Scientific Officer). the company is well run and all of the management have many years of experience, generally either in their specialty or in the MLM industry.