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Emerging from Bankruptcy Kodak Redevelops its Focus

Kodak Led the Way in Developing the Camera Industry
Kodak Led the Way in Developing the Camera Industry

After spending 20 months reorganizing its business after filing for bankruptcy protection, Kodak announced on Tuesday that it will refocus its business model on technology, especially on business imaging solutions.

Many of Kodak’s most well-known, and even beloved products will no longer be part of their business. Closed down and divested are its retail film products, photography paper, and 105,000 photographic services kiosks around the world.

Kodak was forced to sell off these assets to its largest creditor, the UK Kodak Pension Plan.

“We have emerged as a technology company serving imaging for business markets — including packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and professional services,” said Kodak chief executive Antonio Perez. “We are setting a trajectory for profitable growth,” Perez said. “We have the right technology at the right time as printing markets increasingly transition to digital.”

The reorganization plan was approved in a New York bankruptcy court on August 20. After several last steps Kodak will then be allowed to emerge from its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Kodak is based in Rochester, New York, and has been a leading company since its founding in 1892 in everything having to do with photography. Kodak helped make cameras, film, slide projectors and home videos available and affordable to everyone. Despite the fact that Kodak was among the first to develop digital imaging, it was not able to compete with competitors because it failed to sufficiently adapt its business model.

Judge Denies $20 Million Severance Package for AA Chief

CEO of AMR Thomas Horton
CEO of AMR Thomas Horton

In the wake of the March 27th approval of the merger of AMR with US Airways, the same judge dismissed a proposed severance package of $19.9 million for AMR Chief Executive Officer Thomas Horton.

Judge Sean Lane of the US Bankruptcy court in Manhattan released his decision last Thursday to disallow the large severance package after approval of last month’s $11 billion merger between American Airline’s parent company and US Airways, explaining that the payoff was against federal bankruptcy law.

Lane made the suggestion that Horton’s severance pay be better addressed during the discussion of AMR’s reorganization plan. This plan has not yet been submitted, and will need the approval of creditors.

Tracy Hope Davis, trustee of the US Department of Justice and monitor of the bankruptcy proceedings was equally against Horton’s large payout.

“It’s American Airlines’ current intention to address Mr. Horton’s compensation arrangement in the plan of reorganization,” said Mike Trevino, a spokesman for American.