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Nancy Glass: The Business of TV Productions

Nancy Glass of Nancy Glass Productions, has taken quite a lead in cable TV programming  in Philadelphia. Her company’s profile speaks for itself: Nancy Glass has produced: Dangerous Grounds, Tanked, R.V. 2015, We Move Animals, Footsteps in the Snow, to name but a few. Having brought in Argle Bargle Films and Rearrange Media earlier this year, Nancy Glass Productions has been able to “diversify content and leverage facilities.” With this arrangement, Nancy Glass Productions takes a 50% profit, and Argle Bargle Films/Rearrange Media, the other 50%.

Running a TV business in Philadelphia – over New York or LA – Glass has found comes with pluses and minuses. In terms of benefits, overheads are definitely cheaper but then being away from central TV locations means that travel is involved as Glass seeks to sell her “sizzle reels.”

Still, overall, given the way the world is moving increasingly into web-based operations, being a little further out shouldn’t be too much of an inhibition for companies such as Nancy Glass Productions.  As Glass herself pointed out: “We go to everybody. We talk to online platforms; we talk with cable; we talk with broadcast networks…You take a risk on things you like. That’s what you do. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

So far, though, things seem to be working out pretty well for Nancy Glass Productions.