Super Watched Super Bowl

Super Bowl Action Viewed by Millions

For the third year in a row fans tuned-in by the millions, making the Super Bowl football game the most-watched television broadcast in history.

According to Nielsen estimates 111.3 million fans turned on their TVs to watch the NBC sponsored final match of the 2011/2012 football season between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, constituting 47.8% of all US households.

The halftime show was an even bigger hit as far as number of viewers is concerned with 114 million people watching Madonna perform, making this show the most-watched Super Bowl halftime spectacle in history.

Twitter also went ballistic as 12,233 tweets per second were registered during the final few minutes of the game, setting a Twitter record for sporting events. According to Twitter, this Super Bowl game received the most tweets per second for an English language event in Twitter history. Last year’s game registered one third the number of tweets, 4,064 per second, but a year ago that was a record number.

So who won? Some say the Giants, but really, it was the businessmen selling ad time for this incredibly lucrative American commercial experience.

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