Success of Social Media Marketing

It seems like today, if you want your business to succeed and you are looking for good marketing tips, it seems like everyone is in agreement on one area – social media. This would be great – and good for their businesses – if they understood how to use it to their advantage but apparently in that area, they are lacking.

Most people are looking for quality content which is probably why all types of newsletters (print and digital) are still popular. Ultimately it’s all about making a connection. The advice thus given by InformationWeek employee Michele Pepe-Warren is to “discuss topics that are relevant and interesting to your readers. If they know they’re getting useful information, they’ll continue to subscribe.” It’s also a good idea to keep it simple and ensure the design is clean-cut and not complicated since “poor design…can deter readers from any publication.”

According to statistics from iPressroom, Twitter is most popular with PR and marketing professionals, attracting a staggering 85.5 percent of users. But even with that there are 65 percent of users who believe Facebook will replace Twitter for media use.

So why is Twitter so popular? Apparently it is the “circulatory system of the news cycle,” which provides a “constant stream of valuable information and perspectives for PR and marketing professionals to watch in real-time.”

Social Media and Customer Service

Companies and organizations are starting to understand very quickly that potential clients are increasingly sharing more about their lives on social networks. Thus it is their role as a potentially successful business to “not just listen, but to understand what’s being said in order to act accordingly.” To jump on the bandwagon, companies thus need to assess the “combination of social tools” and work out how a “solid CRM strategy” can set up strategies between “customers, partners and other stakeholders.”

So there is much to be done and lots to learn for companies who want to stay one step ahead of what is going on social media today. While it may initially seem a bit daunting, once you’ve gotten the hang of these new social media tools they can help your business no end.

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