Spring Show NYC As Seen By Ken Johnson

In a recent article for the New York Times, Ken Johnson discusses his impressions from the Spring Show NYC. Johnson explained that he especially enjoyed the fair thanks to its unique exhibits.

He described the work of Carlton Hobbs as “a group of satirical portraits in the form of early 19th century miniature reliefs exquisitely carved in ivory… The reliefs represent members of the king’s court with delightful, comic savagery.”

Other unusual works included the Yew Tree House, which featured 200 thin, flat shapes made of birch wood, as well as Clinton Howell’s flat, fan-like paper-mache face screens.

“Naturally, there are many fine examples of more familiar genres offered by the more than 60 exhibitors,” Johnson added, “including a beautiful portrait of a child in a pink dress by the American itinerant portraitist Ammi Phillips at Jeffrey Tillou and, at Phoenix Ancient Art, a strikingly lifelike, third-century marbel head of a Roman man who gazes upward with an expression of sleepy-eyed resignation.”

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