Sonnenfeld of EMBraer Paper Goods: Inspiration from Elio Motors and Others

Vice President of Sales at EMBraer Paper Goods, Beth Sonnenfeld, would like to see her paper goods company become more visionary, trying to achieve great things, like those envisioned by Elio Motors.

Thinking big is one of the qualities Paul Elio is known for, and which inspires Sonnenfeld. Elio has said that: “After five years of sales, we can reduce total US gas consumption by nearly half a percent.” He knows that in order to achieve this kind of gas savings he will need to produce a quarter of a million cars each year, and admits that this is “a big number.” Yet he is not deterred.

Sonnenfeld is thinking big as well, for the sake of EMBraer Paper Goods and the environment too. She is striving to bring her company to the cutting edge of recycling and reuse of paper goods in her industry. She stresses that already a large percentage of the products they sell are made from recycled materials, and every year they are adding to that number. EMBraer Paper Goods, according to Sonnenfeld, is also looking to encourage the after-use product to return to their factory. They are anticipating the launching of a plan to offer reimbursements for the return of the used paper goods after. EMBraer Paper Goods hopes to one day supply large bags to place the used paper goods to be returned to the company for a deposit refund. Sonnenfeld hopes this will encourage recycling, and attract customers who care about the environment but still want to benefit from the convenience of paper goods.

Elio Motors, Paul Elio, and Beth Sonnenfeld, EMBraer Paper Goods, are changing the world by thinking big.


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