SAMAMA Key to Monaco Shipping

Sammy Ofer - SAMAMA
Sammy Ofer of SAMAMA

Sammy Ofer may have grown up far from the affluence his current life extols, his hard work culled in a life less fortunate he has revolutionized the shipping industry. His company SAMAMA, which he ran from Monaco expanded into a global force and shipping empire.  Like most shipping companies the hub of the fleet was actually directed from London.

SAMAMA  Continues On

SAMAMA continues to grow and expand its shipping routes throughout the globe.  It has expanded throughout Asia and Europe, strengthening the empire that Sammy Ofer built. Its impact can be felt in ports from London to Hong Kong, but more importantly is the company’s strategic outlook and depth and successful goals it reached.

UPDATE: Sammy Ofer Passed away and has left key assets including SAMAMA in control of his son Idan Ofer.

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