Rohm & Haas

Rohm & Haas was founded in Germany in 1907 by Dr. Otto Rohm and Mr. Otto Haas. In 1909 they began operations in Philadelphia when Haas arrived to launch the American branch. As WW I approached the company grew quickly due to their first invention, which was used in the manufacture of leather goods, a commodity in great demand during war time for belts and saddles.

On July 10, 2008 it was announced that Dow Chemical Company was purchasing Rohm & Haas for $18.8 billion. The sale was finally completed in October 2009 as part of an acquisition of Morton Salt simultaneously, but for the lower price of $15 billion.

Rohm & Hass has 17,000 employees in 27 countries, and its sales revenue was $ 8.9 billion the last time it reported revenue as an independent corporation.

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