Richard L. Chilton, Jr.

Richard L. Chilton, Jr. is the son of an advertising executive and he grew up in New Jersey.

He studied finance and economics at Alfred U. Richard Chilton’s first job was at Merrill Lynch doing mergers and acquisitions. He started investing money in 1985 for Alliance Capital Management Company. He also held a post at the investment bank Allen & Co. before founding his hedge fund: Chilton Investment Co. in 1992. His firm buys long and sells short in to generate high returns independent of whether the market is up or down. Funds down 23% in 2008 on average net of fees; the funds were up 20% in 2009. Assets under management: $5.6 billion. Richard L. Chilton, Jr. is also On board of Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is married with four children and lives in Darien Connecticut. He is age 52 and is worth one billion 300 million dollars according to Forbes magazine. He was in the top 400 richest men in America.