Richard L. Chilton, Jr.: More Info

Richard Chilton and his wife are actively involved with many charitable, cultural, and educational institutions. Richard L. Chilton, Jr. is a trustee of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and also serves on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization which is dedicated to fighting poverty in New York City.

Richard L. Chilton, Jr. is also the founder and chairman of the Darien Technology and Community Foundation, which specializes in providing grants for technology initiatives in schools, libraries, and educational centers.

Richard L. Chilton, Jr. is vice chairman of Greenwich Academy, which is a day school for girls located in Connecticut, and he is a trustee of the Boy’s Club of New York.

Over and above that, he is also a member of the Director’s Roundtable at the Pierpont

Morgan Library and he was a former trustee of the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum.

From 1994 until 2002, he was a trustee and chairman on the investment committee of

The Historic Hudson Valley, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of the historic Hudson River Valley.
Maureen Chilton is a board member and is on the executive committee of the New York Botanical Garden.
Richard L. Chilton, Jr. earned his Bachelor of Science degree in finance and economics at Alfred University.
Maureen graduated summa cum laude at the Marymount Manhattan College.

They live in together Darien, Connecticut, with their four children, Sarah, Charlotte, Rick and Hope.

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