Ray Dalio: More Info

Ray Dalio, a strong six-footer, favors open-collar cotton shirts and corduroys when he’s not meeting with clients. He works out of an unostentatious office overflowing with photos of his wife and four children and has an amazing view of the Saugatuck River, which flows through the property. He likes the rustic feel of his surroundings. A member of the board of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Dalio is an avid fisherman and bow hunter who has hunted everything from Cape buffaloes to wild boars. He says that his attraction to outdoor activities – he really enjoys snowboarding – stems from his appreciation for the beauty and sophistication of nature. By comparison, he says, ‘anything that man sees or does seems too simplistic.’

To maintain his mental energy and creativity, Ray Dalio meditates five times a week for about 20 minutes, a practice he says he started when “the Beatles started doing it in 1968.” He is also a rabid music fan with rapacious tastes. He maintains a box at the opera in New York City, makes an annual visit to New Orleans for Jazz fest, regularly dances salsa with his wife, and loves the blues.

Like many billionaires, Dalio has his own charitable foundation. For the past three years, he’s sponsored newspaper and radio advertisements supporting a campaign called “Let’s Redefine Christmas.” This campaign challenged people to donate to charities as gifts instead of indulging in the holiday ritual of conspicuous consumption.

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