Preferred Stocks in the Energy Sector

Preferred Stock Channel recently named several high-yielding prospects in the energy sector. Some of the leading stocks include Magnum Hunter Resources, Genie Energy and Gastar Exploration.

Magnum Hunter Resources has an 8% Series E Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock which trades at an 8.4% yield. According to Forbes, investors have call protection through November of 2015, and the issue is cumulative.

Genie Energy, with subsidiary IDT Energy, trades its Series 2012-A Preferred Stock at an 8% yield. It also has a slight discount to liquidation. This issue is also cumulative, and investors have protection until 2017.

Gastar Exploration’s Series A Cumulative Preferred Securities are currently trading at an 8.8% yield. They too have a slight discount to liquidation, and investors have call protection until 2014. The issue is cumulative as well.

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