Oracle Introducing Superfast Servers to Boost Hardware Business

Larry Ellison
CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp

In an effort to increase business in the hardware division of Oracle Corporation, Chief Executive Larry Ellison announced that the giant computer company will be offering a new line of faster servers for sale.

Ellison explained to journalists on Tuesday that the new “T5” microprocessors in Oracle’s latest line of servers have surpassed several performance peaks and have been able to run business databases and applications at speeds considerably quicker than with previous prototypes.

Ellison has been shifting Oracle’s focus on its hardware division ever since purchasing Sun Microsystems for $5.6 billion in 2010. Of special note is the high-end server equipment, especially the “SPARC” T5- and M5-powered servers and microchips which were showcased at the Redwood City, California event.

“When Oracle bought Sun, a lot of people thought the SPARC microprocessor was a real laggard and would never catch up. We’ve done better than catch up. We’ve caught up and passed the competition,” Ellison said.

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