Online Marketing Trends You Cannot Miss

online marketingAs the influence of the internet on business increases, the importance of following the trends becomes a significant part of business planning and strategy. Any business which wants to stay competitive must constantly watch consumers and what they are doing and what they are attracted to. Not following closely can lead to a dangerous drop in rankings on the most popular search engines, no doubt bad for business.

Here are some of the most up-to-the-minute trends in web marketing:

1.    Content Marketing is still the crucial component of marketing practices. There is no getting around it: high quality content is the fuel the keeps Google steaming ahead, and your website afloat.

2.    Social Media Marketing is growing and will continue to grow. Let’s face it: Facebook and Twitter are the darlings of the consumer culture-get there or be square!

3.    Mobility is the key to keeping up. More and more customers are checking you out on their cell phones, or are they??

4.    Images- as we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Some might say that in this fast-paced mobile culture the ratio is more like 1 million to one. Make those graphics work for you.

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