New Yorkers Paying More for their New York Times

New York Times

New Yorkers now must pay the same price for their beloved New York Times as the rest of the country. Beginning on Monday the cost of the Times will be 50 cents more in New York, catching up to the $2.50 for the daily edition that the rest of the country has been paying for the esteemed newspaper of record.

Spokeswoman for the Times, Eileen Murphy, relieved worries when she said that Sunday’s deluxe edition of the newspaper will remain steady at $5.00 in the Big Apple, and $6.00 in the rest of the nation. Those patrons subscribed digitally do not need to fear, as their price will also not change, at the moment.

Home delivery however, did rise in price by 4%, as they were informed it would about 6 weeks previously.

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