Small Business Optimistic Despite Continued Uncertainty

The National Federation of Independent Business released the data on their business optimism index on Tuesday, which rose by almost 1 percent to a total of 88.9 in January. The index has been going up since its 2 and a half year low which it showed in November, 2012.

The index rose despite the worrisome payroll tax cut which expired on January 1st, 2013, part of the fiscal cliff which has been haunting economists, businessmen and politicians for the past many months. The tax cut expired along with huge, across-the-board spending cuts which will go into effect next month, unless Congress acts do prevent them.

The outlook of business owners for the coming six months went up by five points. In addition their feelings about profits, sales, credit availability and capital investment improved.

An even more encouraging gauge was the increased willingness of small business owners to begin to create more jobs and other business owners who reported difficulties finding workers to fill their job openings.

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