Nathaniel Philip Rothschild: More Info

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild has a taste for the good life: as an avid skier, his main residence is in Klosters, Switzerland, and he flies his Gulfstream jet to shuttle between his other homes in Paris, Moscow, London, New York and Greece.

In spite of his reputation as a very gregarious man and the increasingly public nature of his life and career, he comes across as a quiet man in the few public photographs of him — as if he was shying away from his fame.

The responsibility of being a Rothschild can be a heavy one. In 1996, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild’s cousin, Amschel, after been asked to fill a leadership position in the family bank in London, hanged himself in a hotel bathroom at the age of 41.

Four years later Raphael de Rothschild, also a cousin, age 23 died from a heroin overdose.

“There is a lot of power behind him, and like all the Rothschilds they use their power with discretion,” said Guy Wyser-Pratte, who has invested with Rothschild. “I expect him to uphold the family tradition.”

The family has so many different accomplishments, said Jeffrey Leeds, an equity investor who knows the Rothschilds well. “Nat knows that he would not be fulfilling his responsibilities if he were simply someone who amassed great wealth.”

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