Luxury Hotels Learn to Perfect Their Services in Half-Day Seminar

The Luxury Academy, a company which provides training in hotel management, recently launched a new program designed to help high-end hotels improve their services.

Known as The Hotel Finishing School, Luxury Academy created the half-day training program to help upscale hotels meet the constantly heightening demands of today’s upscale guests. Participants will learn how to make memorable first impressions, improve their grooming habits, personal presentation, deportment and demeanor. Trainees will be instructed on how to improve their use of small talk and language when relating to hotel guests.

Paul Russell founded the Luxury Academy in December of 2012. He saw an ever increasing need for a resource which could support independently owned four and five-star hotels so that they could keep up with the ever-increasing demands of their clientele.

Shimmie Horn
Etiquette Training for Hotels Like Those Owned by Shimmie Horn

An example of an independently owned luxury hotel is the Iroquois Hotel, owned by Shimmie Horn. The Iroquois is part of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotel collection, and is situated in Midtown Manhattan. Other hotels in this category include The Setai Fifth Avenue, The Michelangelo Hotel, and the New York Palace Hotel. Although among the best hotels in the world known for their service and luxury, the Hotel Finishing School is hoping to reach hotels like this, to make them even better.

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