Launch of BlockTrail

BlockTrail – a platform for bitcoin analytics – was launched today by BlockCorp researchers. Based in Amsterdam, BlockCorp (co-founded by Lev Leviev and Boaz Bechar) provided €500,000 ($669,310) in funding to BlockTrail.

BlockTrail will be competing with other platforms offering the same, such as: Blockr and BlockTrail will be looking into gaining customers from institutions and government bodies which it hopes will pay for the data.

BlockTrail enables its clients to set up secure, multi-signature transactions, simultaneously maintaining Bitcoins access. Its API provides refined data on: addresses, economy analytics and transactions that can be delivered to any platform and all the while it is very developer friendly due to its SDK.

The company also offers refined data on transactions, addresses, and economy analytics delivered to any platform, simultaneously facilitating the integration of Bitcoin functionality due to its SDK.

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