Kinder Morgan

Based in Houston, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. was founded in 1997 when a group of investors led Richard D. Kinder and William V. Morgan acquired the general partner of a small, publicly-traded pipeline limited partnership (Enron Liquids Pipeline, L.P.). Its pipelines transport primarily natural gas, refined petroleum products, CO2 and crude oil and its terminals store, transfer and handle such products as gasoline, ethanol, coal, petroleum coke and steel.  The Kinder Morgan umbrella covers: Kinder Morgan, Inc., Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. Kinder Morgan Management, LLC, and El Paso Pipeline Partners.  While the company started small, Kinder and Morgan’s vision was large: to develop a different type of energy company via the master limited partnership (MLP) financial structure as a growth vehicle, something that had never been done before. The rest they say, is history and today, Kinder Morgan owns an interest in or operates approximately 75,000 miles of pipelines and 180 terminals.