Jim Breedlove

In 2012, Eduardo Menezes became Executive VP at Praxair Inc..  For two years before that, he was President of North American Industrial Gases, the firm’s largest business unit.  A year later he was elected Senior VP.  In his current executive role, Menezes has been in charge of industrial and packaged gas businesses throughout America, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Other positions Menezes has held with Praxair or its subsidiaries include: Marketing Manager for process gases systems; National Marketing and Sales Manager for the chemical and refining industries; Worldwide Business Manager for gasification and plant sales at Praxair’s Global Supply Systems organization; President at Praxair Puerto Rico; U.S. West Region VP in North American Industrial Gases; VP and GM U.S., for Praxair Distribution, Inc.; MD of Praxair Mexico; President of Praxair Europe.  He has been with the company since 1986, when he was appointed to the position of Equipment Engineer at one of the company’s subsidiaries, S.A. White Martins.

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