Jazz Musician Beylar Eyubov Making Debut in West

Not many people have heard of Beylar Eyubov, but in Azerbaijan, he was an up and coming folk & jazz musician with a loyal following of fans dedicated to his music. Before relocating to Brooklyn in the late 90’s, Eyubov had appeared in several Azerbaijani music festivals, toured around Eastern Europe, many cities of the former Soviet Union, and even Japan.

In 1997, after much consideration and support from his fans, Beylar Eyubov decided the time was right to move to the West. He made his first U.S. home base in New York City for a short while before moving out to Brooklyn, where he still resides this day. He recalls his travels while making his way out West. On his way to New York Eyubov performed during a short stopover  in London,  in some of the more well-known clubs in the West End, and then headed out to the States.

Jazz music is a popular genre in Azerbaijan, the foundation of which was laid right before World War II erupted by the State Pop Orchestra- also known as “State Jazz.” The ensemble was at first composed of three trombones, a trumpet, five saxophones, a piano, a guitar and of course percussion.

Having such a talented musician as Beylar Eyubov come to live and work in New York brings the Western influence of Eastern jazz full circle. During the post-war years the oppressive hold the Soviet regime had on its citizens hindered the full development of jazz, such as in the case of  great musicians like Parviz Rustambyov, the so-called Benny Goodman of the USSR, who was ‘purged’ by the Soviets in 1949. But now, a new generation of jazz musicians unhindered by the same type of oppression,  like Beylar Eyubov has arrived in the West.

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