Jay Zimmerman

Jay Zimmerman has been Chairman of Bingham since 1994, having joined Bingham Dana & Gould in 1982.  He has led the company through an era of transformative growth, putting it in the top echelon of the legal field. Through this, he has adapted a variety of standard corporate value-creation and M&A strategies to law-firm management.  With Zimmerman at the helm, Bingham has become an industry leader with 14 offices in America, Asia and Europe.  It also earned a sport in Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list annually since 2005. Equally important, Bingham has created and sustained a distinctive set of core values during this period of intense growth. In 1997 Zimmerman attempted to expand beyond the company’s regional base to acquiesce a more escalated level of practice diversification. This led to a series of transactions that transformed the company from a Boston-based regional firm to 1,000 lawyers+ globally.

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