Its Technical Communications Corp For Cloak and Dagger Operations

Technical Communications Corp (TCCO) has an interesting market niche. It develops, manufactures and sells communication security equipment around the world. Its products protect communication privacy between telephones, radios, fax machines and data processing equipment. The products protect information transmitted through telephone wires, fire optic cables, microwaves, radio waves and satellite links. The company sells various types of encryption devices to code and decode data in real time. Technical Communications sells to law enforcement agencies, governments, and multinational companies which need to protect their information.

The company is apparently well run according to the management effectiveness ratios of return on assets of 14.61% and return on equity of 18.14%. Also, the profitability margins look good with an operating margin of 28.65% and a profit margin of 18.75%.

The company’s stock is rated among the best 25 stocks in terms of dividend return according to an article in Forbes magazine. The stock itself has slide from $12 to $8 over the last year, but it offers a 5.37% yield which is some compensation.

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