Its Black Friday, Have Fun

Tomorrow is Black Friday, the post Thanksgiving shopping day. Stores open their doors at 12.01 AM on Friday morning and will be giving great sales on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Statistically, retailers earn 30% of their November profits during these three days. There are good deals in all of the major department stores. But why do people want to go to these stores when they could probably pick up the same deals on the stores’ internet sites?

My personal opinion is that people love to shop. You go through the merchandise, seeing things that perhaps you don’t really need, but, you know, it’s always good to have and its such a bargain, and if you don’t use it you can always give it as a gift, so, well, why not? That’s how people buy when the price is right and that’s how corporate America makes its money.

All of the stores are doing it: J.C.Penney, Walmart, Macy’s etc so go and have a good time. One thing that I would advise you is to set a spending limit, spend “x” dollars and no more. Remember the holiday season is coming up in December. If that’s not enough to help you discipline yourself then remember that in January you have to pay off the credit card debt that you rang you in November and December.

About Alison Meadows

Alison Meadows has a PHD in Economic Trends in Modern Times and is a known writer who focuses on hedge fund investments. Meadows, her husband, and three kids live in Boston, where she grew up and attended college. Contact Alison at alison[at]