Indian Increases: Car Sales Skyrocket

There has been an increase in the amount of cars sold in India’s domestic market. Looking at figures for June 2011 as compared to June 2010, there was an addition of 2284 cars sold.  However, according to a report earlier this week by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), perhaps in part due to somewhat tough economic circumstances, the domestic car industry in the country only went up by a mere 1.6 percent last month.  Probably the additional raises in fuel prices didn’t help the matters as well as automobile price increases.

Motorcycle Madness

Motorcycle sales also did really well.  SIAM figures note that there was an increase of 107464 units from last June to this June.  Indeed, looking at the sales of all two-wheeler vehicles, there was an increase of 14.59 percent in the same time period.

India’s Commercial Vehicles

As reported in an article in Indiainfoline, there was also an escalation of domestic sales of busses and trucks.  For example, figures for June 2010, were 52,627 units, whereas for June 2011, they were 62,009.

So taking a look at the whole group of vehicles, sales increased 12.84 percent from June 2010, to June 2011.  Figures for last year stood at 12,07,934 and for this year 13,62,984.

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