Gold Will Probably Go Up

SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) is a gold index which has risen this year from $130 to $170 per share. This is taking into account the September drop from $182 to $157 per share. So Gold looks like it is on its way up.

John Paulson, a famous hedge fund manager and commodity trading advisor, has $4.6 billion invested in SPDR and has more in other gold stocks. He has maintained almost all of his gold investments even though the price has gone down from its high of $182. Now we see that the price has started to rise. Paulson says that there is no gold bubble because the percentage of the market that is invested in gold is relatively very small. He expects the price of gold to continue rising.

If you can afford it SPDR GLD is a serious index type fund. Because SPDR is an index, one is investing in several companies which adds security. The company is run by State Street Global Advisors.  If one company suffers a tragedy and goes down, the other companies will balance out the damage.

Some of the managers are Jacques M. Longerstaey, Steven R. Meier, Phillip S. Gillespie, Esq., Daniel Farley, and James Kase.

Disclaimer: All information in these articles is of a general nature and is inadequate for making investment decisions. Each decision should be made only after a thorough analysis of the investment in question.

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