Glassdoor Profiles: Companies Must Make them Their Own

As their name implies, Glassdoor is a company that provides a “clear view” into what it really looks like to work for companies in the hedge fund, business and finance sectors. Glassdoor has become a website which is an indispensable tool for talented, and therefore in-demand job seekers who can afford to be discerning about who, and what companies they work for.

The Glassdoor profile is generated (presumably) by current or past employees, with candid and detailed information about salaries, corporate culture, management and more general reviews of the company under scrutiny. Although not originally created as a resource for job seekers, prospective employees scan Glassdoor to find out which companies offer the best job opportunities overall.

The forced transparency created by Glassdoor incentivizes companies to do better so that they can compete effectively for the best and the brightest talent looking for employment. In the case of job seekers in the hedge fund sector, Glassdoor is the most popular career site by far.

In addition, a crucial development has been underway which makes Glassdoor profiles even more significant. According to an article published in May 2014 in Search Engine Land, Glassdoor greatly benefited from the Google Panda 4.0 algorithmic update. Google’s new algorithm saw Glassdoor’s status as a third-party, user-generated content website as not only a legitimate Google search result, but an even more valuable one.

Given the importance of Glassdoor to the success of the company, it follows that companies should want to take control, at least some extent, of their profile, and not ignore it. This is easily accomplished by acquiring a “Free Employer Account” which allows the company to make basic edits to the company’s profile and give feedback to reviews posted by employees.

Glassdoor was able to prove to Google’s algorithm that it supplies the public with high-quality, reliable content. Now all companies need to do to take advantage of Glassdoor’s excellent reputation to protect and expand their own.

About Michelle Grathers

Michelle Grathers is an international tax expert. She has consulted for a variety of firms and high net worth individuals on all tax- and legal-related issues. She also helps new companies develop payroll services, statutory audits and mergers and acquisitions. Contact Michelle at michelle[at]