Gaga Goes Gaga?

Lady Gaga’s Marketing Means 

Lady Gaga is doing something different. Again. This time with regards to how she is marketing her songs. Instead of just selling them through the normal channels, Lady Gaga is offering music from her latest album through the online game FarmVille. As yet, only three singles have been released from the album.

So how exactly will it work? Well, to even get to hear the new song before the May 23 release date, fans of Lady Gaga will need to complete tasks that she sets, as created by Zynga. It is a great social networking campaign and to catch it you need to be online from May 17-19 and hook up to Gagaville, a neighboring Farmville farm.

It’s not a bad idea since as it is, on a monthly basis, approximately 46 million individuals are enjoying Farmville from all around the world.

Gaga’s Other Tricks 

In another way of getting herself out there, Lady Gaga’s face will be seen on a new card game from Loto-Quebec. Apparently this game isn’t so popular though amongst critics who attack it for encouraging those gamblers who already have a problem. But it’s big money. Indeed, in the 41 years Loto-Quebec has been in business, this marks it’s “highest royalty fee” at $300,000. Lotto Poker’s commercial was first aired on Tuesday, featuring the dance song. It’s Lady Gaga’s Poker Face song that features as background music for the commercial.

The aim from the company is to attract the younger generation, individuals in their 20s and 30s. But this has also received criticism for cajoling in the youngsters. It’s true that the underage fans will be banned from playing Lotto Poker but still, the young adults who are anyway somewhat vulnerable are being put in a tough spot.

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