From Stocks to Docks: Rob Hannah Sailing Down the River of Life

It is probably a fair guess to say that not too many people have made the switch from successful bond trader and real estate investor to high-end yacht dealer; yet there is at least one person that fits this description: Rob Hannah.

Hannah is formally trained as an architect, but moved to the world of investing as a bond trader. He ended up in real estate where he had the chance to put his design skills to use; designing, building and developing commercial and residential properties. During the 1990s, while Hannah was the CEO of Tax Strategies Group LLC in Chicago, he developed an innovative legal ownership structure to help investors in real estate save on taxes. His idea blossomed into what became a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Hannah parlayed his love for boats and boating into a new business. Officially certified for powerboats and sailboats, and a serious racer of large sailboats, Hannah went to the next level in 2011 and began his foray into the marine industry as an active player.

He took over Chicago Yacht Yard, a full service marine and storage facility located right in downtown Chicago, on the Chicago River. Hannah led the company to become an industry leader, and he eventually became the Great Lakes dealer for Fairline Boats of the UK; Zar by Formenti of Milan, Italy; Mercury Marine and Comitti boats of Italy.

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