Expansion of Zarsha Leo Into New Markets Bodes Well for Company

For the past year and a half Zarsha Leo has been impressing people with its trendy, upscale restaurant-bars in midtown Manhattan and elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area.  Achieving a success which was beyond all expectations, this franchise is expanding into several new markets across the globe, including in Argentina and the Middle East.

“I attribute our great success to our unique concept of bringing the best food together with a fantastic wine list with a large choice of beers, both boutique and on tap. I would like to add that having our large format plasma TV screens turned on to the best sports spectaculars all over the world has made Zarsha Leo one of the favorite hot spots of the older singles crowd here in New York. We are hoping, and expecting, the same reaction from our international patrons,” said CEO Evan Burschkopf.

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