Evan Metropoulos

* Metropoulos & Co.

Evan Metropoulos became principal at investment firm Metropoulos & Co. in 2000.  He brings to the position a wealth of experience in innovation, strategic development and marketing.  This includes his role as co-CEO/proprietor at Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing Company, as well as his work in the development of branding techniques with famous names like Will Farrell, David Letterman and Sylvester Stallone.  Metropoulos’ experience also extends to the luxurious residential property development industry, the most notable involvement of which was his key influence in the development of New York’s Castle on the Hudson.  Metropoulos’ work over the years has seen underperforming brands encounter a 180 to become successful and growth-oriented firms. He has a degree from the University of Connecticut where today he sometimes gives lectures on business and marketing subjects.  He also lectures at Cornell University.

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