Eric Schmidt Speaks Out

The Chief Executive Eric Schmidt of Google has decided to speak out about the major shake ups at his company.  Schmidt said he expected to stay another 10 years at Google.

“I’m very personally excited about my next decade at Google,” Schmidt, who was one of the leaders behind Google’s meteoric rise, told the DLD media conference in Munich on Tuesday.

“In strategy we agree. There’s no disagreement,” Schmidt said of his relationship with Page, in a news conference following his DLD appearance. “In character, he’s fundamentally a deeper thinker than anybody else,” he said. “He sees a few moves deeper than I do.”

Schmidt is set to receive an equity award of $100 million. This is his first after joining Google in 2001.

As of last week Google reported earnings and revenue that went way beyond expectations.

Even though Google has been on top of  Internet search, it has struggled recently to break into social networking and is facing strong competition from social platforms Facebook and Twitter.

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