Eating Apples on the Job(s)?

Whether it’s true or not, it’s definitely worth mentioning that co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. Steven Paul Jobs’s favorite food is apples…allegedly.  That fact one might have guessed.  But here are some other interesting anecdotes about Mr. Jobs one might not have known about.  He’s actually a dyslexic 501 Levis jeans lover, owning one hundred pairs of them.  As well, it took him until the age of 27 until he found his biological parents; a staggering 15 years after he’d found his first love — computers.  When he was 12, he saw a computer for the first time and immediately fell in love, deciding then and there that this would be the field he’d work in.

‘60’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Fan

Steve Jobs is a big Beatles fan.  Indeed, he even claims that he based his business plan on their musical career.  It must have been a pretty good idea, because together with his mega-Apple inventions, statistics released two years ago show him as the owner of 5.426 million shares in the company.  No doubt that gives the guy quite a lot of apple-purchasing potential.

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