Dennis Carey

Dennis Carey is a Vice Chairman of Board and CEO Services for Korn/Ferry International.   In these capacities, he has many responsibilities including the recruitment of CEO’s and corporate directors.  In recent years, he has conducted searches for the current CEO’s of 3M, Tyco International and others.  He has been responsible for many board-of-director searches, including helping to create an entirely new board at Tyco International.  He has also conducted director searches for a number of spin off companies, including AT&T, NCR and Sprint.

Dennis Carey is a prolific writer. His essays, opinion pieces and commentaries have appeared in a large number of business journals, including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek. His subject matter varies widely on topics which discuss the importance of planning CEO succession, developing successful management strategies, and the benefits to a company of incorporating certain business models into its business strategy.

Dennis Carey is also the author of several books. In 2000 Mr. Carey wrote “CEO Succession: A Window on How Boards Can Get it Right When choosing a New Chief Executive.”This bookdiscusses how companies groom new managers as the old managers either retire or for whatever reason need to be replaced. “The Human Side of M&A: How CEOs Leverage the Most Important Asset in Deal Making” was published in 2004. In this book Dennis Carey investigates the fascinating world of mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on the most important aspect of making deals, dealing with people. This book is “straight talk” about how top managers need to be attentive to the human side of the deal, not just the financial side.