Daniel A Gold

Daniel A Gold was born around 1968


Daniel A Gold worked at the Deutsche Bank, where he was a star Trader on the bank’s proprietary trading desk. At Deutsche Bank he had a crew of 20 traders that he took with him to his new company: QVT Financial LP.  Daniel A. Gold is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer at QVT Financial LP. He founded the firm in 2004.

QVT, among other services, works in distressed companies and therefore there are always law suites to pull the distressed companies back into line. The hedge fund firm often leads groups of bondholders and shareholders. It has plenty of experience being an activist in distressed situations, including leading creditor committees. QVT Financial LP, an $8.5 billion firm, has been involved in many of the messier bankruptcies of the past several years, including those of Refco Inc. and Dana Holding Corp.